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The 10 ESSENTIAL Wardrobe Items

Editing your wardrobe is essential to make your morning routine as smooth as possible and to eliminate any tricky decisions about what to wear.

Top 5 Secret Styling Tricks

The reason that fashion folk always look put together, even if they are aiming for an artfully dishevelled look, is the styling!

5 Ways Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds Can Save Your Hair

It acts as an intense repair treatment and nourishes the scalp. It also stimulates hair roots and repairs dry, dull and damaged hair. A nutrient rich product, it also helps improve hair texture.

5 Hair Growth Superfoods

Although the causes of hair loss are many — including genetics, age, hormones, nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, medications, and autoimmunity — changing your diet can, in many cases, be helpful.

Easy to Make: Cauliflower Rice

How did we EXIST before rice cauliflower?! Forget all about traditional calorie-dense rice Fiber-packed cauliflower rice is here to stay … What you’ll need: A basic blender is all it takes to blitz the cruciferous vegetable into rice-sized pieces. If you use a food processor, you’ll likely end up with crumbs of cauliflower instead. Pass!Continue reading “Easy to Make: Cauliflower Rice”

Aloe Vera Home Remedy for Hair Growth

Aloe Vera has both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties among several others that make it a good choice for both your hair and your scalp.

5 Ways to Boost your Beauty Routine with Coconut Oil

1. Hair Mask Blow drying, curling, straightening and bleaching your hair can leave your locks dry and damaged. Repair your hair naturally with a deep-conditioning coconut oil mask. Spread coconut oil evenly through your hair and leave on overnight. In the morning, simply wash out the coconut oil to reveal shiny and healthy looking hair!Continue reading “5 Ways to Boost your Beauty Routine with Coconut Oil”

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