Does your internet connection suddenly stop working and this error message appear: There is no internet connection – DNS Probe Finished No Internet?

I started to get super frustrated with my internet connection going down after 5-10 minutes of browsing. All the other devices in our home had no issues with the internet except for my dear Windows 10 laptop.

I’m sharing all the methods that I tried and fixed the issue for…about a day. The last method on this list has worked for me personally & I haven’t had the error ever since!


  • Make sure your internet is connected (I know obvious, but check! If you get this error often like I did sometimes you don’t even notice it)
  • Restart your modem and computer
  • Get Ccleaner – it’s a free system optimizer to clean junk, cache, cookies & system errors


  • Search cmd through your start menu
  • Right click on command prompt and run as administrator
  • Type each of the lines and hit Enter after each one:
    • netsh winsock reset catalog
    • ipconfig /flushdns (Note: There is a space between config and the slash ‘/’)
    • ipconfig /release (Same note as above)
    • ipconfig /renew (Same note as above)
    • netsh int ip set DNS
  • Restart your computer and check if you still get the issue

METHOD 3: Clear DNS Cache of Google Chrome (this is only for Chrome browser)

  • Paste this url in your Chrome browser: chrome://net-internals/#dns
  • Click on the ‘Clear-Host Cache’ button
  • Check if the error is fixed, if not – try the next method!

METHOD 4: Change DNS to Google or OpenDNS

  • Right-click on the Windows Logo (bottom left corner of your screen)
  • Click on Network Connections
  • Click Change adapter options
  • Right-click on the connection icon you’re using currently (mine was Wi-Fi) and click Properties
  • Find the “Internet Protocol Version 4” option and select it.
  • Click on Properties
  • In the preferred DNS and Alternate DNS server use the following:
    • Preferred DNS server: (This is Google DNS)
    • Alternate DNS server:
  • Alternatively, you can use OpenDNS with the following values:
    • Preferred DNS server:
    • Alternate DNS server:

METHOD 5: Update your Drivers

  • Search “Device Manager” in your Windows search
  • Click to expand “Network adapters
  • Find your wireless/WLAN driver and right-click and select Update Driver (mine was Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Network Adapter

METHOD 6: Network reset

  • Search “Device Manager” in your Windows search
  • Scroll down and click “Network reset
  • Select Yes in the network reset confirmation window, this will initiate the reset process and restart your computer
  • When the computer restarts, you’ll notice that your network connection isn’t active. This is because your network card reset and released its previous connection.
    • Just select the network icon, pick the network you want to reconnect to, and choose Connect.

METHOD 7: Get a WiFi Range Extender

  • Grab the NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender from Amazon (it costs about $40 bucks but TOTALLY worth it now that I can actually use my internet)
  • Place the extender in the same room as the Wi-Fi Router (make sure there is a internet connection coming from the main router)
  • Press the On/Off button on the side of the panel of the extender and wait until the Power LED light turns solid green
  • Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on your main router (I have a Bell modem and it looked like a refresh button)
  • The WPS LED on the extender should turn to solid green
  • Move the extender to your preferred location but make sure the extender is between the router and wireless device to acquire good signal
  • Now on your laptop you should see your existing WiFi network name with “_EXT” at the end. The password would be same as your Wifi password

Please let me know if this worked for you, by commenting down on this post. Also, let me know if these methods didn’t work for you, you’ll get additional help from the good people visiting this page, if not me!

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