How to accept being a Tall South Asian Girl?

Are you in middle school or high school? That’s when you’re likely mostly aware and conscious about your height, as I was too! Most of us as we go through post-secondary, overtime, end up loving our height and you will too!

This is written with the perspective of me wishing someone told me these things when I was super insecure about being tall (taller than teachers in those class pictures every year). This is to uplift you and help you embrace your gorgeous height a lot sooner than I did!


  • You usually start to have crushes and even start to experience relationships in middle school. But you’re tall and you find it awkward to be a guy shorter than you. But imagine a world where all the girls are taller than the boys. It may not be our norm but it doesn’t mean you can’t be with someone super cool who just happens to be shorter than you. You can start creating new a norm! Be proud, be you.
  • In the case you’re just not physically attracted to someone that is shorter, keep this in mind. I REALLY wish someone told me this – one day, after the summer holidays, boys will come back to school SO MUCH taller! Guys use to come up to me to just show-off that they’re taller than me. It was like magic! (Also known as boys hitting puberty.)


  • So, its prom and you’re telling me – well…summers passed and there’s no guy taller than you still! Please remember: my goal isn’t to help you find a guy taller than you, rather, to open your mind that the world doesn’t stop at school.
  • You’ll learn quickly as you leave school, especially in post-secondary, you’ll find a larger pool of different people. Especially in Toronto, you’ll see people much taller than you (both women and men!). I use to and still feel amazed when I see other fellow tall humans – it’s awesome! Look forward.


  • I use to try sitting lower in my seat during school so I don’t appear super tall. I also tried to slouch low-key and no one told me I just looked ridiculous! So, here I am saving you from making the same mistake.
  • Own your height and stand up and sit up tall and proud! Do you genuinely like how you feel in heels? If yes, wear them! I personally, learned about how terrible they are for your feet and was in a lot a pain every time I wore them. That doesn’t mean all that I wear is flats because I do love my booties! They have a wider heel and look great too!


  • Humans are humans. Sometimes people will specifically make it a point to let you know you’re tall. That’s okay! If boys tease you, it’s either they like you or they have insecurities and are projecting it on you.
  • If someone says “Wow, you’re tall! You should be a model! You should play basketball!” smile and say thanks! It is a compliment, be kind and say thank you! Don’t shy away from compliments which is something general a lot of women do.
  • Daily affirmations truly work. Get ready for school and then look at your mirror and look at yourself and proudly say “You’ve got gorgeous legs!” or “You are tall and proud!” Say it every day until you believe it, you’ll thank me later!
  • I kept the best for the last, smile and let your personality shine abundantly! When you’re happy and confident, people will pay attention to your personality than anything else (including your height).

This space is about rising and uplifting each other. The quicker you realize how awesome it is to be you, the faster you’ll help other girls out who feel insecure about their height. Comment below on what helped you own your height it might end up helping someone else out!

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