4 Steps: How to do a Fade Haircut with Clippers at Home


Wahl ColourPro Haircut Kit
This has EVERYTHING you need! Scissors, comb and most importantly the clippers!

Tenna Oil – This is amazing if you want to be proactive in keeping your hair strong & healthy. We use it at least 2-3 times a week! Massage it into your scalp to stimulate blood circulation and save yourself from early balding.

Note: If you’re nervous, start at a higher guard number for the steps below. For example, instead of No. ½ use No.1 at the nape of the neck to start. You can always go shorter later!

Technique for the perfect fade:

You’ll move the clippers vertically (opposite direction of hair growth) in an upward motion, moving out with an arc (flick your wrist upwards) in small sections.

The slower you go the more precise you are! Practice the motion of flicking your wrist or scooping the clipper before you start cutting your hair, this will create a perfect blend and you’ll feel much more confident & comfortable.

Step 1: Back of Neck

Begin at the nape of the neck using No. ½ guard in the opposite direction to hair growth. Remember to use the scooping motion, it’ll help with the blend in Step 2. Your first line should be under the ears as shown.

Step 2: Under the rim of the head

Next, use No. 1 guard with the same scooping motion from the top of the line you just created to about the mid-ear level. Following that, use No.2 clippers from the mid-ear to a little above the top of the ears.

Step 3: Rim of head

We’re almost there! Use No.3 guard to blend with the scooping motion up to the temple of the head.

Heads up: Now that you’re close to the curve of the head the fade may not be as smooth as you like. Don’t worry! Finish step 4 to clean it up.

Step 4: Top of head

Use a longer guard if you’d like a longer length at the top such as No. 6, 7 or 8. For a medium length at the top use No. 4 guard with the scooping motion following No. 5.  

You can also style the top using styling scissors. Start from the front of the head by lifting a small section pulled up between your forefinger and middle finger. Trim the tips of the hair bit by bit (don’t trim past your second knuckle, you don’t want to cut yourself). Hold the latter half of the hair you just trimmed to guide you cut the next section of hair as you work your way to the back of the head.

If between the rim and the top of your head has a fade line that’s not blended well do the following:

  • Grab a comb (tip: use a white comb for dark hair & a dark comb for light hair so you can see what you’re cutting more clearly)
  • Angle the comb upward, only moving an inch or two into the hair. Run the clippers upward over the comb, from the fade line, so that they cut the hair that’s above the teeth.
  • Repeat this around the fade line (s) and you’ll end up with a nice even fade with no visible lines.

And that’s it! Let me know how it went 🙂

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