6 Steps to Winning your Video Interviews

In the wake of the pandemic, the HR interviewing landscape has changed dramatically. Here are some tips and tools for a video interview that will help you land the job you want. Just a few months ago, you would visit an office in-person to pitch your skills, now you’ll likely be jumping on a Zoom call instead.

1. Look the Part

Now that interviews are being done virtually via Zoom, Hangouts, etc., you’ll need to make sure your background looks presentable. No interviewer wants to see that towering pile of dirty clothes lurking in the back of your room.

2. Test your Internet Connection

Check your internet connection speed to help ensure your video will come across smoothly. It’s also a good idea to download the virtual meeting tools that are used to conduct interviews, like Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts, which are currently being made available for free test runs. Before your video interview, make sure your interviewer has your cellphone number in case you need to conduct the interview over the phone. If something does go wrong, try to relax and–if you can–make light of the situation. How you behave under stress is an important signal to your interviewer.

3. Get To Know Your Video Platform

These days, a lot of different video platforms require a range of account sign-ups, app downloads, or permissions on your device. Spend some time the day before your interview getting to know the platform or tool you’ll be interviewing for your interview on to avoid any technological mishaps on the big day.

4. Set your computer to “Do Not Disturb” (Mac) or “Focus Assist” (PC)

There’s nothing worse than a text thread with a friend or a series of missed calls from your partner interrupting your interview. 

5. Don’t stare at yourself

Checking to see what you look like is something we all do subconsciously. However, it’s very noticeable on the other end. When speaking to an interviewer via video chat, make sure you’re looking directly at the camera and not at yourself—this is the only way to maintain direct eye contact.

6. It’s okay to cheat

The beauty of a video interview is that the interviewer can only see what’s directly in front of the camera. Take advantage of that by writing down a few talking points you want to make sure you don’t forget. Stick them onto your laptop screen, and don’t be afraid to take a peek now and then.

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