7 Hints You Need a New Job

A great job that challenges you regularly and creates opportunities for professional growth will help set you up for more rapid career advancement. If you are unhappy with your career or seeing no professional growth, that can impact all areas of your life, from your health to your advancement opportunities. 

HINT #1: Chronic Boredom

If you’re experiencing chronic boredom, you should consider asking for more challenging assignments. If the employer cannot provide the level of challenge you need to stay engaged, you may want to consider moving on.

HINT #2: No Growth Opportunities

Long-term goals help you to stay focused and continue moving forward in your career. If there’s no opportunities for growth and advancement, you may want to consider seeking opportunities with greater opportunities for growth.

HINT #3: Workplace Negativity

While moments of conflict in the workplace can happen, continuous conflict can impact your performance and enthusiasm for your work. If the problem lies with a few employees, that can be remedied. If the conflict is more pervasive, though, you may want to consider making a job change.

HINT #4: Your Mental Health

Your physical health is sometimes an indicator of mental health, so experiencing frequent regular headaches can indicate that your job is impacting your health. Stress can also impact your appetite. It causes some people to lose their appetite entirely, while others may eat more than usual. Ultimately, if your health is being adversely affected by job stress, you need to find a way to alleviate stress or consider finding a new job.

HINT #5: You’re Unappreciated

Everyone wants to work somewhere they feel their talents and skills are appreciated. If you feel that you are treated as though you’re replaceable and that your efforts are not appreciated the way they could be, it may be time to find an organization that values you for who you are and what you have to offer.

HINT #6: You lose sleep thinking about work

Quality sleep can be an integral part of your overall health. If you’re getting poor sleep, it can impact the perception of your role and make a challenging situation worse. If you find that you have difficulty getting to sleep or that you’re waking up in the night thinking about your job, it may be time to consider making a change, especially if the disruption in sleep has been going on for some time.

HINT #7: You’re unmotivated

While it’s normal to feel unmotivated some days, if you find yourself consistently unmotivated or disinterested in your work, it can be an indicator that it’s time to look for something else that will get you excited about going to work every day. Join the New Job Bootcamp to pivot and fuel your career journey.

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