5 Ways to Stay Positive While Job Searching

When you’ve been job searching for some time, it’s hard to not feel frustrated. Every time you don’t hear back or don’t get the job after an interview can lead to feelings of sadness and defeat. But being positive is crucial to job search success!

1.Open the Bottle

Even though you might feel like you’re complaining, it’s not a good idea to keep your job search frustrations bottled up. Talk with your partner or a friend about what you’re going through; sometimes venting might be all you need to feel a little better. You can even speak with fellow job seekers who might reaffirm that your feelings are normal, or look to a career coach to see where you might be going wrong in your job hunt.

2.Mentally Prepare

It’s uncommon to get hired for a job when you’ve just barely started your job search. prepare yourself mentally that your job search is probably going to take some time. Of course, you can set some time-oriented goals for yourself, such as “I want to have a new job three months from now,” to keep yourself on track.

3.Carve out a Routine

Job searching can feel like a job in and of itself—and a thankless one at that, especially if you’re not getting any job offers. You might want to spend your mornings dedicated to your job search, and then have your afternoons free to do other activities. That way you won’t feel like all you’re doing is job hunting.

4. Treat yourself

On days when your job search seems to be going nowhere fast, be sure to make yourself a priority. Do something you love, like taking a long walk, getting physical with some dancing around the house, or swing by Starbucks to grab an iced caramel macchiato. A simple splurge can reinvigorate you and put a more positive spin on your job search.

5. Create a Vision Board

Visualization techniques can work wonders in helping people achieve their goals. If you’re looking for a job, why not create a vision board or put up pictures that inspire you to continue your search? Maybe a picture of your family motivates you. Whatever it is, putting up visual clues can help you stay positive (and productive) during your job search.

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