5 Ways to a Land Job When You Have Little Experience

You don’t always need a perfect resume to land the job. You need to be able to showcase your ability to add value and perform the job well.

1. Remember that job requirements are not always set in stone

You have no chance of getting the job if you don’t try. So the first step is SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION. I’ll tell you a secret – many job requirements are more like wish lists.  Often employers hire the candidate who’s the best fit with the organization, rather than a perfect match to the resume. Don’t get discouraged if your skills don’t match everything the employer is looking for.

2. Be honest

It can be tempting to fudge the facts, especially if you think doing so will make the employer pay closer attention to you. But it’s not worth it! Many job interviewers know how to spot a liar. They’ll either catch on now or later—so either way, you’ll likely end up in a bad situation, or a job that’s not truly the right fit. Use your cover letter to explain that you realize your experience isn’t exactly what the job posting says they’re looking for, but go on to highlight all the ways in which you’d be great for the job, and a valuable asset to their team.

3. Go beyond the resume

Your cover letter can be your most powerful weapon in this situation. Use the cover letter to not only explain why you’d be great for the job at hand—but also to tell your story and share your voice.This is the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine through and win the employer over.

4. Get creative with language

Without spinning the truth or flat-out lying (see #2), you may want to get creative with the language you use on your resume or cover letter.

You can combine your education with your experience, so if you’ve been studying marketing for three years and have two years’ direct experience, you can describe that as ‘being immersed in the field of marketing for five years.”

Keeping this in mind can help close the gap between what some employers might see as education versus professional experience.

5. You have the RIGHT to chase your dream job

If you know you can do this job, and do it well, go after it. It makes no difference if you only meet 3 requirements or meet all 10, as long as you’re confident in your ability to do a good job, you have every right to chase your dream position.

Confidence can shine through in an application—and even more so in a job interview, if you get one. So don’t let your lack of experience cause you to doubt yourself or your abilities. Don’t stress about whether you’ll get a callback or not. But if or when you do, be sure you tell your interviewer how you plan on taking on these new responsibilities and excelling the company’s success.

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