6 Reasons for a Career + Job Search Coach

Whether it’s to give your job search more direction or help you if you’re stuck at a career crossroads, a career coach can be a great professional asset. Although it’s an added expense, what you’ll pay for a career coach now can be an investment that will pay off for years to come

1. Understand Your Why

Begin your career coach search by asking yourself why you need one in the first place.

  • What are some of the pain points you’re experiencing professionally?
  • Have you tried to solve them on your own without much luck?
  • Assess what you’d ideally like to achieve by working with a career coach:
    • You’re having difficulty deciding on a new direction or mustering the courage to make an actual move
    • Frustrated by lack of actual jobs offers
    • Looking to progress to a higher level

2. Level up your Job Application

Using particular fonts on your cover letter could cost you the job. A career coach can point out ways to make your cover letter and resume stronger, helping you land more interviews.

3. A Job Search Buddy

Although a job search might start out exciting, after a while it can start to feel tedious and isolating. Having a career coach is almost like having a job search buddy, someone who is there to encourage and guide you as you go along.

It can be easy to get off track when you’re job hunting, and a career coach can hold you accountable by checking in on your progress, and reminding you that you have someone on your side during your search.

4. Sharpen your Interview

So whether it’s been years since you last sat before an employer for a job interview (or you had an interview just last week), almost anyone can benefit from practicing for a job in a mock interview.

A career coach will be able to commend you when you answer questions well, and critique your performance (e.g., maybe you look down too often when you speak, or you didn’t know how to speak about your accomplishments well during the interview). And a career coach can help you come up with strategies to address less than stellar parts of your job history.

5.Get Unstuck

You apply to new jobs every day. So why aren’t employers banging down your door? It may be that you’re stuck in your search. Maybe you have a routine that is no longer working for you, or you’ve lost the focus that you need to make the most of the time you spend searching. Whatever road bump you’re hitting, a career coach can help you drive around it—and drive your search in the right direction.

6.Confidence Booster

Maybe you’ve been job searching so long that you’ve kind of lost your motivational mojo. If you’re starting to feel like you’re never going to find a job, or if you doubt your ability to perform in a job that you know you could do, a career coach can dig deep and help you see your strengths and reinforce all of the positive characteristics that you possess.

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