4 Ways to Find the Right Career Coach For You

1.Find Someone in Your Price Range

Career coaches don’t come cheap. Getting career advice tailored to your specific needs comes at a price, which can range anywhere from $50-$500 per session. Some coaches also have a minimum number of meetings that you’ll have to book them for.

When vetting career coaches, don’t be shy about asking them what they charge or if they have a minimum. The last thing you want to do is connect with a coach and then discover that you can’t afford them.

2.Understand Their Specialties

A generalist will have coaching experience across a wide range of situations and industries. If you aren’t sure what you want to do or don’t know exactly what your goals are, or need help with soft skill training, resume reviews, or interview skills, a generalist may be the right coach for you.

A specialist will have experience coaching in a specific niche. That niche could be people in the tech field, for example. If you know exactly what you want to accomplish with a coach or think that you need help in a specific trade, a specialist may be the better coach for your situation.

3.What Is Your Technique?

Career coaches and counselors address job search and career concerns through an array of methods. One client may benefit from assessment tests designed to pinpoint jobs that seem to suit their personality and skill set. Another may need to pack some punch in their resume or work on interviewing more effectively. Pointed questions can help define priorities, and specific game plans can encourage action through accountability.

Figure out which technique you might prefer. Do you want someone that’s no-nonsense and gets to the point? Or, do you want to work with a coach that is not as direct or asks open-ended questions to help you figure out the answer on your own?

4.How Do You Measure Success?

Make sure you have a clear idea of how you define success. Is it money? More responsibility? Being happy? Once you know your definition of success, you can search for a coach that aligns with that definition.

Ask the coach how they define success for the client. Is it achieving all of the stated goals or only some of them? Does success mean landing a new job or just some interviews? Get a clear picture of how the coach defines success, and you’ll have a better understanding of how your time with them might be spent.

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