3 Steps: Coconut Oil for Split Ends

Want to harness the full moisturizing power of coconut oil? Stick to unrefined, virgin coconut oil (or even extra virgin coconut oil) for the best results. This just ensures your hair will be getting all the good-for-you nutrients present in the oil’s natural form.

Step 1. Warm the coconut oil. Try taking just a small amount of coconut oil between your palms and rubbing until it’s soft and malleable. Of course, you can also heat it up over the stove for a more liquid consistency. 

Step 2. Apply the coconut oil to the ends of your hair. After showering, run the coconut oil through the ends of your hair, or take it up slightly higher (to the midsection of your hair) to use as a moisturizing detangler. Avoid your roots or scalp area to avoid excess oil or grease.  

Step 3. Comb through and style as usual. After you’ve applied your coconut oil to the ends of your hair, comb through and dry as you normally would. If you’re using a blow dryer, we recommend applying your heat protectant like normal on top of the coconut oil, to make sure none of the moisture is lost while you style.

Our Fave Coconut Oil Hair Product

Not down for the DIY? Don’t worry–you can still reap the benefits of coconut oil without putting in any extra elbow work. Here’s our favorite hair oil infused with powerful coconut oil: T E N N A O I L

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