TENNA OIL Beard Routine

You can use T E N N A O I L daily as part of your beard care routine. Once a day is plenty either in the morning or at bedtime.

Step 1

Your first step is making sure that your hands are clean and dry before you apply T E N N A O I L. It’s also helpful to have a clean beard that’s dry.

Step 2

You won’t need to heat the T E N N A O I L but rubbing it between your palms will melt it and make it sufficiently warm for the application.

Step 3

Apply the oil by starting at the tips of your beard hair and working into the roots and skin.

Step 4

Massage the oil in for a few minutes to make sure you’ve covered all of your beard and worked it to the skin. Leave it on for a few more minutes to ensure that your facial hair gets proper nourishment and hydration from the oil.

Step 5

If you’d like, you can use your T E N N A O I L as a conditioner by massaging a small amount of it into your beard and then combing it thoroughly with a beard brush or comb.

Step 6

Consistently combing and brushing your beard helps pull out dry, brittle hair while leaving a healthy layer behind.

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