Step-by-Step: How BEST to Apply Beard Oil

1. Clean your Beard

You don’t want to apply beard oil to a dirty beard. Dirt and dust accumulate in your whiskers and it’s even more of an issue with a longer beard.

2. Dry your Beard

Use a soft towel to pat your beard dry; you can use a blow dryer if you choose, although excessive hot air is harsh on beards and can make them look dull and rough. Use the dryer on a medium heat setting and take breaks during the process.

3. Comb your Beard to Untangle It

Combing untangles your whiskers to make it more manageable and to provide a better surface for beard oil. Take your time when combing your beard. Start from the bottom, i.e., your beard’s neckline, and work your way up. Then comb your whiskers downward to make them easier to style.

4. Apply your Beard Oil

  • Use one finger to scoop a small amount of oil. By “small,” we mean running the tip of your finger over the top of the oil to get about a dime-sized amount of oil.
  • Rub the oil between your thumb and forefinger to soften it. Or, you can rub it into the palm of your hand until it’s soft to the point of liquefying.
  • Begin by applying the oil to the sides of your beard.
  • Always apply small quantities of the oil and massage it evenly throughout your whiskers.
  • If you like, you can use your beard comb to help distribute the oil throughout your beard. The comb makes it easier to spread the oil evenly and to set your beard into the shape you prefer.
  • Repeat the process while concentrating on one side of your beard at a time.
  • Add a small amount of oil to the front of your beard, as well. Use a comb to style it in the way and direction you want.

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