5 Ways Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds Can Save Your Hair

1.Reduces dandruff

Dryness has been known to cause dandruff. Fenugreek possesses an enzyme called lecithin which deeply hydrates and nourishes dry and dull hair thereby reducing the occurrence of flakes.

2.Controls hair fall

This common household item is so healthy for hair. It possesses a number of proteins and nutrients that help control hair loss effectively. It helps eliminate hair fall causing agents such as dandruff and dryness. It also strengthens hair follicles.

3.Promotes hair growth

The many proteins present in fenugreek help nourish and strengthen the hair shafts thereby promoting healthier growth. They even reduce breakage.

4.Soothes irritated scalp

The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb help reduce irritation and itching. This helps your scalp stay healthy and stress-free.

5.Conditions hair

Frizzy, rough hair is a general problem in today’s polluted environment. Methi effectively conditions hair and reduces frizz to provide a smooth and silky appearance to hair.

T E N N A O I L is enriched with Fenugreek. It acts as an intense repair treatment and nourishes the scalp. It also stimulates hair roots and repairs dry, dull and damaged hair. A nutrient rich product, it also helps improve hair texture.

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