3 Oiling Mistakes You Did NOT Know You Were Making!

1. Not massaging your scalp properly

For the oil to penetrate your scalp properly, you need to massage it thoroughly. Make sure to massage your scalp with the help of your fingertips and NOT your palms. Massaging can help increase the blood circulation in that area, helping the oil spread through your tiny hair follicles.

2. Not applying it to your hair ends

Another reason your hair might be dry is if you’re just massaging the oil into your scalp only. Yes, massaging does the trick but even the most greasy scalp has dry hair ends. It’s necessary for you to oil your strands as well, ladies! Section your hair into 3-4 parts so that it’s easier for you to oil your entire length down till the ends. This trick will definitely help in nourishing your hair, preventing dry and split ends and making it look fab.

‘Pouring’ the oil and not massaging

Pouring the oil directly onto your scalp will not give your great hair! The main reason behind it is, the oil won’t be able to spread properly. When you pour the oil and not massage it, the oil doesn’t spread to each and every part of your scalp, hence, leaving your hair dry for the most part. Make sure to massage the oil properly for it to penetrate and nourish your scalp and hair ends.

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