How to drink water correctly? Top 5 Mistakes & Fixes

Water consumed the wrong way becomes the reason for most shocking health problems like migraine, joint pain, weak digestion, skin problems, hair fall and feeling lethargic, heart and kidney issues.


Drinking water before and after mealsGulping water after meal. When we eat, our body’s temperature rises for better digestion but drinking water instantly dilutes the gastric juices reducing the body’s ability to digest food.

The food doesn’t get digest properly and fails to absorb the nutrients from it. It also brings along problems like bloating, gas, acidity.  

This is why you may think “I’m eating healthy but not feeling difference or losing weight”   Water after meals acts like slow poison
Rinse your mouth post meals instead of drinking. Consume water in between meals – 30-40mins before and 1-1.5h after.
Most people gulp a lot of water at a timeToday’s fast-paced world, most people mindlessly drink water.   If you drink water too fast, the body doesn’t accept it and flushes it and your body remain dehydrated.  

Our stomach is acidic in nature and on the other hand saliva in our mouth is alkaline and it’s job is to stabilize the acid and stomach. When we gulp a large amount of water very little saliva gets mixed with the water so the atmosphere inside the stomach remains acidic.   This causes acidity in digestion and bloating. You might even gain weight because your stomach fails to absorb the nutrition.  
Slowly sip water. Avoid bottles with wide mouth. Better to use a bottle with a sipper.
Drinking chilled waterShrinks blood vessels and it seriously restricts digestion and solidifies fat in food making it tough for your body to break down the unwanted fats.  Another major impact is that it aggravates joint paints and decreases the heart rate.Ideally, drink water at room temperature. Lukewarm water is even better.
Drinking too much waterToo much water dilutes the sodium levels. It also causes an imbalance where water moves from blood to inside cells making them swell.Whenever you feel thirsty drink water. The amount of water you should drink depends on your body type, physical activity and climate. Our body also gets water through fruits and vegetables. Generally about 2.5-3L is good enough although it depends on other factors mentioned above.  

Regardless, never skip water just after waking up. Saliva helps neutralizing the stomach acid and the morning saliva is considered to be most effective. Drink before brushing your teeth.  
Drink water while standingOften people drink water not just standing but walking. When we drink in standing position our kidneys are not able to filter water properly. Your muscles and nervous system are not relaxed and it makes it difficult for your nerves too quickly digest the fluid. This may disrupt the balance of fluids in the body leading to greater accumulation of fluids in the joints thus triggering arthritis.It’s best to sit down and sip water.

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