4 Steps Hairdo: Low Looped Ponytail

This hairstyle is ideal for 1-2 days after you’ve washed your hair. This hairstyle is a variation on a low ponytail—the hair is looped into the hair band instead of being pulled all the way out. It is perfect for girls who have fine hair since when you pull back the hair, it actually makes the hair appear thicker. The low looped pony also works well with chemically textured, straight and wavy hair because you’ll be able to see the definition of the chic loop outside the ponytail. I recommend this hairstyle if you want to be low maintenance and crave healthier hair since you don’t need to use any hot tools to create this look!

If you are a more visual person scroll down!

Step #1:

Gather all of your hair toward the nape of your neck.

Step #2:

Take a hair elastic and pull your hair through it as if you were making a normal ponytail.

Step #3:

Stop pulling your hair through when you have about 3 inch of hair left out of the ponytail. This will create your “loop.”

Step #4:

Take the elastic and go around your loop a few times, securing it tightly. To create a more polished look, take an inch of hair left out of the loop and take this section up and over the hair elastic. Secure the ends of this section with a bobby pin to hold it in place.

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