5 Easy Steps: Classic French Twist

1. Grab a teasing brush, separate off a small section of hair at the back of the crown, and gently back-comb the hair down. Repeat this with one more section, then gently smooth down the top layer of hair to hide the teased portion.

2. Combine all the hair together at the nape of the neck, brushing through it to remove any tangles. Then twist it all together, downwards.

3. Bring the twist upwards so it sits vertically against the head.

4. Keep a firm grip on the twist with your left hand, holding it against the head. Use your right hand to push the hair on the right side over the top of the twist, completely covering it if possible.

5. Place a firm hold on the hair with one hand and slide bobby pins into the fold with the other hand. The trick to hiding the pins here is to catch a tiny bit of hair with the open end of the bobby pin facing the left, then flip the bobby pin over itself, now facing towards the right side, and push it into the fold. Slide in as many pins as you need to until it feels secure. Then, spritz the style with hairspray and smooth a hand over the sides to ensure any stray hairs are laid flat.

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