February: 5 Ways to Build Compassion

February, derived from the Latin term februum for the purification ritual Februa, was a time of cleansing. February is also known as the month of love – a time to remember the importance of compassion – toward others as well as yourself.

1. Listen to your Heart

When you come into the world, love is who you are at your core. Pure love. Over time you get hurt and put up walls and defenses to help you survive this thing called life.

ACTION: Find things and experiences that move you beyond words and you’ll see yourself approaching life with more love and kindness.

2. HALT – Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired

If one or a combination of these four states – hunger, anger, loneliness or tiredness – HALT is a gentle reminder for you to stop or slow down.

ACTION: Take a deep breath through your nose. Hold it while you count to six. Then purse your lips and exhale slowly through them. Act intentionally to take care of your mind and body: eat when you’re hungry, write or go for a walk when you’re angry, call someone if you’re lonely, and rest when you’re tired.

3. Question the Assumptions

If your boss walks by your desk. You smile and nod. Your boss doesn’t acknowledge you and your mind goes wild wondering what you did wrong. Later you discover your boss had a lot on their mind and didn’t even notice

ACTION: Question the automatic negative thoughts and wait to see if the evidence supports them. As you practice this technique you’ll begin to avoid jumping to conclusions and wait to connect the dots once you have asked questions or confirmed facts.

4. Let the Ghost Go

Self-doubt can haunt you and stalk you when you have big presentation or when you try to mend an important relationship. It pushes you to question your goals rather than moving forward.

ACTION: Mentor yourself with pep talks and kind words – it carries you through ups and downs. You can acknowledge uncertain thoughts but don’t second guess yourself.

5. Let Yourself be Higher Powered

Power greater than you can restore you to a more balanced life. Your belief in a Power greater than yourself helps you soar and overcome obstacles.

ACTION: Allow the greater power of the universe to navigate, you’ll live each day with renewed faith and courage.

Credits: B. Robinson’s book, Turn off Your Job and Turn on Your Life – I wanted to share the top 5 parts that resonated with me. 

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