5 Easy Steps: Headband Hair Tuck

1. Comb through the hair, misting it with hairspray, to smooth down any flyaways. Place a stretchy headband over the head so it rests about 1″ back from the hairline and above the nape of the neck.

2. Pick up a section of hair from above the left temple and wrap it around the headband. Pull the hair down tight through the headband, then comb through it to remove any tangles.

3. Repeat the previous step with the hair on the right side, wrapping it around the headband and then combing through it.

4. Comb through the hair, spray it with hairspray, and comb through it once more. Wrap a clear elastic around the hair, about 4″ up from the end.

5. Bring the tail up and tuck it into the headband. Keep tucking the hair so it creates a tight roll and all the hair is neatly tucked, then mist the style with hairspray to set it.

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