Connect with you Partner – 7 Conversation Starters – Week 9

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Question #1:

What would be the worst job in the world for you and what makes it so wrong?

Question #2:

Is there anything that someone can say in this moment to make you feel better about yourself?

Question #3:

Do you believe in miracles? Why or why not?

Question #4:

Has something good happened to a friend and instead of feeling happy for him or her you felt envious? What do you think that was about?

Question #5:

Do you believe reincarnation is for real? Why or why not?

Question #6:

What was a time in your life when your self-esteem was lower than a blade of freshly mowed grass?

Question #7:

At parties, your favorite thing to do is:
a) Hang with lots of different people.
b) Have an intimate one-on-one conversation.
c) Happily sit back by yourself and observe.

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