How to Create an Inverted Fishtail Updo

1. Comb through the hair, then divide off a portion from a side part down to the ear, clipping off the back section with a duck-bill clip.

2. Separate off a small portion of hair, near the part, of this front section.

3. Divide this new section into two halves, left and right.

4. Take a small piece from the right side, cross it underneath, and add it into the left side.

5. Now cross a small piece from the left side underneath, and add it into the right side.

6. Separate off another small piece from the right side. Bring in a new section of hair, add it to this piece, and cross both underneath, adding them into the section on the left.

7. Repeat the previous step with hair on the left: separate off a small piece of hair, pick up a new section, and cross both underneath to the right side.

8. Continue braiding this way to create a Dutch fishtail braid (or upside-down fishtail braid when the braid sits on top of the head).

9. Once all the hair is brought into the braid, continue braiding the rest of the section into a fishtail braid. To do this, separate off a small section of hair from one side, cross it underneath and add it into the opposite side. Then separate off a small section from the other side, cross it underneath and add it into the opposite side.

10. Once the hair is braided, gently pull on the sides of the braid, carefully loosening them, to create a fuller, flatter braid. Then secure the end with an elastic band.

11. Separate off another section of hair from the part down to the right ear, clipping off the front portion with a duck-bill clip. Divide the remaining hair into two sections and tie each one into a ponytail with a clear elastic band.

12. Clip the top ponytail with a duck-bill clip so it’s out of the way. Twist the bottom ponytail together and wrap it into a bun, securing it with bobby pins.

13. Let down the top ponytail and divide it into two sections. Clip off the top half using a duck-bill clip.

14. Twist the bottom section together and wrap it clockwise around the base of the clear elastic band and then around the bottom bun. Secure the end with bobby pins.

15. Unclip the top half of the ponytail, twist it together, and, following the first twist, wrapping it clockwise around the two buns as well.

16. Pin down the end with bobby pins and secure any loose pieces.

17. Let down the pinned hair on the right side and comb through it to smooth out any tangles. Drape the section over the buns and wrap it counter-clockwise, securing the end with bobby pins.

18. Now drape the fishtail braid over the top of the bun. tucking the tail underneath the bun.

19.Pin down the end of the fishtail braid and any other sections that feel loose. Then set the entire style with a mist of hairspray and smooth your fingers over the sections to smooth down any loose hairs.

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