Connect with you Partner – 7 Conversation Starters – Week 11

Question #1:

Do it! Sit across from one another, close eyes, touch foreheads, and take twenty deep breaths in unison.

Question #2:

Do you think animals are more loving than people?

Question #3:

Are you comfortable with public display of affection (PDA)? What’s cool but what’s way too embarrassing?

Question #4:

Do you think happiness can be bought?

Question #5:

Do you think true happiness is:
a) Something we have to work at to achieve.
b) Why we’re alive.
c) An illusion.

Question #6:

If you had a free hour, what would you probably do with it?

Question #7:

The last time you had a major decision to make, did you decide quickly or agonize over the alternatives?

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