5 Easy Steps: Headband Braid

Step #1:

Start with dry hair. Section out the back of your hair from the top of your crown to right behind your ears to keep it out of the way.

Step #2:

Make a three-strand braid on the right. When you have 2 in (5 cm) left, use your left hand to hold one of the strands of hair downward. Hold the other two with your right hand vertically.

Step #3:

Take the two strands you are holding with your right hand. Slowly pull them upward while you hold the third strand in your left hand. As you move the strands up, you will see the brocade pattern form.

Step #4:

Hold the ends of the hair tightly and continue braiding. Then brocade this section again as in Step 3 by pulling two of the strands upward.

Step #5:

When you reach the back of your head, secure the ends with a hair elastic and clip back. Do a brocade braid on the other side. Drape both braids across the back of your head, take out the hair elastics, and secure them together with one hair elastic.

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