10 Conversation Starters for Marketing Lovers & Advertisers 


Which celebrity would you use to advertise a campaign to bring back the use of typewriters?


If you had to advertise a new type of denim jeans only via the medium of the radio, how would you do it?


How could you entice people over the age of seventy to join the smartphone revolution?


How would you advertise a “manly” form of dental floss to males in their twenties?


How could slippers be advertised so they seem sexy?


What’s a good way to advertise a self-help hotline to a teenage audience?


Is it possible to advertise hair-care products using non-glamorous, ordinary-looking women in ordinary situations?


How could you advertise the benefits of a bag that doubled as a sun hat?


You have an old worn-out tractor sitting on your land that you need to dispose of. Even though it’s rusty and doesn’t work very well you don’t want to give it away for free. How could you advertise it so that someone would buy it?


How could tea cozies be advertised to make them seem a trendy, must-have item?

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