4 Easy Steps: How to Straighten Hair

Step #1:

Apply a generous amount of hair protection spray to combed, towel-dried/air-dried hair. Divide your hair from ear to ear; clip back the top.

Step #2:

Take the round brush underneath a section of hair. Make sure the section is smaller than your round brush, and if your hair is extremely curly or frizzy, then take a smaller section.

Step #3:

With the blow-dryer nozzle pointing down, slowly blow dry your hair from the roots to the ends. Use plenty of tension to pull your hair straight and down. You may have to do this a few times until the hair is completely dry. Dry all the sections of hair.

Step #4:

For extra chicness, touch up each section from the roots to the ends with the flat iron. Comb each section first, then skim the flat iron through the hair. Once your hair is dry, use some shine serum to smooth the hair.

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