6 Easy Steps: Twisted Low Ponytail

1. Comb through the hair to remove any tangles, then mist the crown with hairspray and smooth it down. Take a 1″ section of hair at the hairline on the left side of the part and begin twisting it upwards. Gradually bring in small sections of hair from above the twist and along the hairline, twisting the section towards the top of the left ear.

2. Continue twisting the hair around the back of the head towards the nape of the neck. Slide a few pins into the twist to hold it in place against the head.

3. Repeat the previous steps on the other side of the head, twisting the hair upwards to the nape of the neck.

4. Secure the two twists together into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck with a clear elastic band.

5. Comb through the ponytail to remove any tangles. Then take a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the clear elastic band to hide it.

6. Pin down the end of the wrapped hair, sliding in the pin towards the middle of the ponytail to hide it. Then set the style with a blast of hairspray and use your hand to smooth down any loose hairs.

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