10 Conversation Starters: Creative Alternatives

Give the usual reaction the average person may have in these situations and then give an alternative, but acceptable, reaction:


A young woman with a small child approaches you in the street and asks for money to buy food for herself and her daughter.


You are in a café and order a meal. You also ask for a glass of tap water and are charged the same price as for a cup of tea.


You go home and find your house or apartment has been burgled.


You check your lottery ticket and find you have won $100,000.


A Jehovah’s Witness comes to the door to discuss religion.


You are running late for an important meeting. When you get to your car you discover you have a flat tire.


It’s Saturday morning, you have had a busy week and want to have a sleep in. At 7 a.m. the neighbors start doing very noisy DIY.


You lose your cell phone and haven’t backed up any of your contacts.


You wait for two hours in a line to buy tickets for a concert that your twelve-year-old daughter is desperate to go to. The person in front of you buys the last tickets.


Your employer is a week late paying your salary, the mortgage is due to be paid tomorrow, and you need the money.

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