May: 5 Ways to Work on Your Personal Growth

May is named after Maia, the Roman goddess of growth and productivity. It’s a time to cultivate honesty and integrity in order to prosper. If you were to plot your personal growth, it would make an upward zigzag, not an ascending straight line. A setback is part of your growth process as long as you own up to it.

1. Chant

Chanting has been a practice for thousands of years, it is one of the most calming traditions to relax the mind and body. The physical act of breathing and forming sounds brings mind and body together in a fun and creative way.

ACTION: Simply chant “Om” – Hindus consider this to be an universal vibration that exists within every word.  

  • Breathing normally, repeat “Om” in a slow, rhythmic way as you exhale.
  • Instead of chanting with every exhalation, you can chant “Om,” take a breath or two, and then chant again.
  • Draw the sound from your navel, allowing the sound vibration to rise upward your breath slowly until it resonates in your nostrils.
  • Start by chanting for 5-10 minutes, gradually increasing sit time to twenty or thirty minutes.

2. Stress Smarter

Does it really matter if you miss the first five minutes of the game? If you don’t get the best table at that restaurant? Probably not. But you’re used to stress, it becomes second nature.

ACTION: Ask if you’re experience stress or eustress – good stress that motivates you, makes you feel alive, and helps you thrive as you meet challenges. If you notify your nervous system which kind of stress you’re up against, you find that usually it’s not bad you think.

3. Be Courageous

Being willing opens you up to possibilities that make you agreeable to change old habits that haven’t worked.

ACTION: Close your eyes and go within. With open heartedness, imagine opening your arms and being willing to accept whatever changes life brings your way – the pleasant and unpleasant. Cultivate the belief that you have the courage within you to handle change whatever form it comes.

4. Zoom Out

Do you look at life through a zoom lens or a wide-angle lens? When your mind zeros in, it magnifies problems and hardships. The wide-angel lens is expansive and helps you see more possibilities.

ACTION: Identify a complaint you have about your life or yourself. Think about the bigger picture. The lens of your mind – not your life conditions – determine how content you are. Once you see a situation from more than one standpoint, clarity heightens, misery dissipates, and inner peace dwarfs the actual circumstance of your life.

5. Stack Up your Positivity Deck

When you have uplifting thoughts on a regular basis, they have cumulative benefits that trump your negative thoughts.

ACTION: Start using these cards to stack up your positivity deck:

  • Step back from negative thoughts and broaden your scope by brainstorming a wide range of possible solutions
  • Pinpoint the upside in each downside of a negative job challenge
  • Practice encouraging self-talk to counter negative self-judgements
  • Fist pump everything you reach a milestone or important work achievement to affirm how assume you are
  • Never pass up or underestimate the opportunity to persevere in a job crisis. It’s all about how you look at it, and your uplifting thoughts can make all the difference.

Credits: B. Robinson’s book, Turn off Your Job and Turn on Your Life – I wanted to share my 5 learnings on personal growth.

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