10 Ice Breakers on Different Perspectives

Issues in hfe are often like bead: balls—several people may look at the same thing yet see something different. Listed below are different scenarios, each with three types of people observing or participating. How might each person view the scenario?

Scenario #1:

A house is on fire. A woman jumps from a first floor window. Just as she is about to hit the ground, a person-sized shimmering light is seen near her, and she lands gently, without any injuries. Perspective of:

  • A committed Christian
  • An atheist
  • A spiritual person

Scenario #2:

A six-year-old girl wearing false tan, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, and full makeup wins a US beauty pageant. Perspective of:

  • The girl’s mother
  • A caseworker from Child Protective Services
  • The mother of the girl who came in second

Scenario #3:

A hugely overweight person is standing in the line at a fast food restaurant ordering a very large meal. Perspective of:

  • Another hugely overweight person
  • The proprietor of a slimming organization
  • Someone who has recently arrived from a third-world country whose fellow people are starving

Scenario #4:

A very large spider appears in a public building. A member of the public picks it up and puts it outside. Perspective of:

  • Someone with a spider phobia
  • A conservationist
  • A psychologist

Scenario #5:

An elevator with three people in it breaks down for an hour. Perspective of:

  • Someone who suffers from claustrophobia
  • A potholer
  • A relaxation teacher

Scenario #6:

A very drunk man has fallen into a shop window, broken the glass, and cut himself badly. Perspective of:

  • A worker from Al-Anon
  • A policeman
  • An ex-alcoholic

Scenario #7:

A new family has moved into a very upmarket suburb. They have recently won a large sum on the lottery, come from a low socio-economic area, and present as rough and aggressive. They attend the community meeting. Perspective of:

  • The chairperson of the residents’ meeting
  • A social worker
  • A journalist from the local paper

Scenario #8:

A woman is going around a shopping mall. She has a broken leg, is using crutches, and is walking more awkwardly than would be expected. Perspective of:

  • An orthopedic surgeon
  • A physiotherapist
  • Someone in a wheelchair who does not have legs

Scenario #9:

A real estate agent is showing photos of a ramshackle cottage in a remote area. Perspective of:

  • A city property developer
  • A DIY enthusiast
  • A person on the run from the police

Scenario #10:

Someone starts a new job and finds that the workload is very heavy, involves constant meetings and travel around the country, plus an expectation that they are to update their status regularly via social media. Perspective of:

  • A hyperactive person
  • A pensive person who believes that fast isn’t always good
  • A time-management specialist

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