Connect with you Partner – 7 Conversation Starters – Week 19

Question #1:

What is the most powerful lesson your mother taught you?

Question #2:

How often do you look at your email and texts? Do you check, for example, as soon as you wake up? Would you like to stop checking so often?

Question #3:

How do you feel about all the surveillance cameras in public spaces?

Question #4:

Do you think the earth is doomed? What are some ways you do and don’t try to protect the environment?

Question #5:

Do you check food labels? What do you look for fast: Calories? Carbs? Organic? GMO? If you’re not concerned, what’s your food philosophy?

Question #6:

What’s the one question you’re hoping won’t be asked?

Question #7:

Do you think you’re a better judge of character or beauty? What are your qualifications?

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