10 Conversation Starters: Big and Small


If you had to choose between being very tall or very small, which would you prefer?


You have four weeks’ vacation. Would you rather take all four weeks at once and have a big trip away, or would you rather take four separate weeks and have smaller trips?


Would you like to have a partner who was a very different body size than you?


Is it better for a small person to have a large dog, and a large person to have a small dog, to balance things out?


Why do big, slow creatures such as elephants live much longer than small, fast creatures such as flies? And does this translate to humans?


Is there any truth in the saying “The bigger the TV in the house, the smaller the collection of books?”


Is there any truth in the saying “The bigger the earrings, the smaller the IQ?”


In some cultures women aim to have big bottoms, as it is seen as attractive. Why isn’t it this way in all cultures?


Does the size of a person’s statue, and the height of the plinth the statue is on, indicate their level of importance?


It’s said that we go through life aiming to have our needs met. Does it therefore follow that if someone has many needs they tend to create a big, full life, while someone with fewer, simpler needs can happily live a small life?

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