Connect with you Partner – 7 Conversation Starters – Week 20

Question #1:

Do it! Take the trust fall Stand up tall and stretch your arms out in front of you. Your partner is behind ready to catch you when you fall backward.

Question #2:

When no one else is around, what kind of music do you put on?

Question #3:

What saying would you put on a T-shirt?

Question #4:

Has the threat of terrorism ever kept you from traveling to another city or country or from going to a public event?

Question #5:

Most of us have a phobia of some kind. What’s yours and how do you deal with it?

Question #6:

Which actor would you love to play opposite you?

Question #7:

In family photos are you usually:
a) Not there, since you’re the one taking the picture.
b) Wherever there’s an open spot.
c) Smiling center stage.

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