10 Conversation Starters on Body Parts


You have been commissioned to produce a painting or a set of paintings depicting “Hands across time and cultures.” What would you produce?


If you were to choreograph a dance called “Two left feet” how many people would you use and what would the dance look like?


You are puffing on a special musical production using singers, all of whom have different types of mouths and different types of voices. How many people would there be, and what kind of music would be appropriate for all singers to be involved in?


The local hat shop is holding a fashion parade using people with different head shapes. They want you to be a model and ask you to describe your head shape and the type of hat that best suits you. What would you say?


You have been asked to write an article on “special knees.” Give an outline of your article and what the main message would be.


You have been asked to draw pairs of eyes depicting seven different emotions: happiness, anger, love, boredom, tiredness, fear, and shock. What would each pair of eyes look like?


If you could amend one part of your body and have it exactly as you wanted, which part would you change?


Choose one of these internal organs and tell us as much as you can about its function: lungs, liver, heart, kidney, bladder, or stomach.


Imagine that Noah was asked not to take two of each type of animal but instead to take two people of each body type. What kinds of people would he have taken on the ark?


A New Zealand photographer is producing an exhibition entitled “Hongi.” A hongi is a traditional Maori greeting where people press their nose and forehead to another person’s. The photographer wants to use people with every type of nose. How many types of noses are there, and what are they like?

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