Connect with you Partner – 7 Conversation Starters – Week 21

Question #1:

How do you feel about the expression, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”?

Question #2:

Would you sing karaoke? What song would be your first choice?

Question #3:

Do you believe love conquers all?

Question #4:

If there were one thing you could improve about yourself to make you a better friend, what would it be?

Question #5:

Would you say you had a pretty easygoing childhood?

Question #6:

If your beloved pet was sick and a treatment (which might, or might not, save him) would mean you had to borrow $5,000 dollars, would you do it? Or let him go? What’s your reasoning?

Question #7:

Do you feel like you have a “calling” or are you open to going in wildly different directions?

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