10 Conversation Starters for Readers


If you had to classify all the books in a library into just three main categories, what categories would you choose?


You have to write a self-help book giving the opposite advice than most of the others. What advice would you give?


Which fiction book do you wish was real?


Do you feel there is something missing? Is there a book that needs to be written but hasn’t been yet?


Choose one of your favorite novels and say what you would have done had you been the protagonist.


What would happen if the characters from the book Where the Wild Things Are came alive?


As well as creative writing, people can undertake creative reading. Can you give an example of this?


Why aren’t all books the same size so that people’s bookshelves look neat and tidy?


If Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet were to be updated to reflect modern day culture, and both characters had cell phones, do you think the ending would have been different?


Would authors of horror stories and crime novels be a bit scary to live with?

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