June: 5 Tips to Shine a Light Inward

In the sunny month of June think of it as a time of fiery enlightenment when your consciousness burns more brightly in your awareness. Once you are willing to shine a light inward, it’s possible to correct old patterns and cultivate new ones.

1. Avoid Comparing Yourself

When you use someone else’s life as a yardstick to evaluate your own, you end up judging yourself unfairly and come out on the short end of the stick. You automatically demote yourself even if others hold you in high regard.

ACTION: Throw modesty out the window and take time to consider your special traits. Ask yourself if you believe them. If not, how can you refine your attitude so that you affirm yourself and perform with more balance?

2. Celebrate your Accomplishments

ACTION: Find reasons to be proud of yourself; think about what you got done each day. There’s plenty to celebrate when you embrace achievement

3. Be Patient with Yourself

ACTION: When you find yourself becoming impatient with the speed of your own progress, the simple phrase “one step at a time” helps you navigate through a sea of frustration

4. Welcome the Glory of Solitude

Too many of us don’t know how to take a break from work to unwind. You need to value the only companion you have from birth to death: yourself.

Solitude replenishes the soil you feel slipping from under your feet from the wear and tear of daily commitments. It helps you become a seawall of strength against the push pull of daily tides.

ACTION: Find your own sanctuary, a special place where you can mediate and reflect on your life.

5. Strive to be the Real Deal

If you want to be the real deal, your integrity becomes more important to you than your fear of how others perceive you. You don’t need to be the strongest or know the most but you do need to be honest with yourself.

ACTION: Admitting when you’re wrong allows you to make peace with your human imperfections. It doesn’t diminish your value; it raises your worth and makes you stronger. The real deal.

Credits: B. Robinson’s book, Turn off Your Job and Turn on Your Life – I wanted to share my 5 takeaways on working on your inner self.

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