10 Ice Breakers on Creative Solutions

Can you think of ways to solve these problems creatively?

Problem #1:

You are an artist and have been asked to demonstrate to a group of fellow artists a unique painting technique you have devised. You travel several hundred miles, arrive at the venue where there are fifty people waiting, and discover your paints have been stolen. There are no other paints at the venue nor are there suitable stores nearby, though you have the canvases and brushes. What would you do?

Problem #2:

Your ten-year-old son Chris has written to his favorite children’s TV program to apply to join in with a fun team competition. He’s been accepted; you fly over on a Friday, check into a hotel in the evening, and go to the TV studios in the morning. You find out that it’s an all-girl competition, the organizer hadn’t realized that Chris was a boy, it’s a live TV show about to air in an hour, and they don’t want Chris to take part.

Problem #3:

You have booked an expensive, two-week romantic getaway with your wife on a beautiful, small remote island. You fly to the mainland then fly to a large island. The only way to get to the small island is to go in a canoe for a half-hour trip, which neither of you had realized. Your wife is terrified of traveling by canoe and refuses to go in it. There is no other way to get to the island.

Problem #4:

You are a natural therapy practitioner and have a specialist speaking topic, “A unique form of meditation for those with extreme phobias.” You have been invited to give a presentation, but when you turn up you realize the organizer had misread your topic and has called it, “A unique form of medication for people with extreme phobias.” The audience comprises doctors, physicians, and pharmacists expecting to hear about a new type of medication.

Problem #5:

You have agreed to house sit and look after a friend’s house while she goes away for a month. You haven’t seen her for a while, and when you arrive you realize she had neglected to tell you that she now has three cats you have to look after. You have developed a severe allergy to cats and are unable to live in the same house as them.

Problem #6:

You have been posted overseas for two months to a small town in a developing country. Your girlfriend is unhappy with you as you haven’t been phoning her when you promised to. She has given you an ultimatum that you must phone the next day or else the relationship is over. You don’t want this to happen, but the following day there is no phone or internet connection in the town where you are staying and you cannot work out a way to get in touch with her.

Problem #7:

You have opened up a new recording studio and are holding a launch in the evening. The studios already have several bookings starting the next day. Unbeknownst to you, one of your competitors attends the launch and sabotages your recording equipment.

Problem #8:

You have organized a surprise party for your three-year-old, have invited twenty children, and have arranged for a down to come. You didn’t how your child is afraid of downs and they become hysterical and tell you to send the down away.

Problem #9:

The organization you work for is having its twenty-first anniversary celebration and has ordered a huge custom-made cake that will be the focal point of the event. The press will be in attendance. You go to pick up the cake but when you arrive back, you trip and drop it.

Problem #10:

You have been going through a tough time and decide to go away for a week to have a break. When you come back you find that your friends have secretly redecorated your house to cheer you up. They have decorated it in a style you really don’t like.

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