10 Conversation Starters on Dating

Question #1

You arrange to meet for a first date at a cinema. When you arrive you find that your date is dressed as a superhero. What are some of the reactions you could choose to have?

Question #2

You want to take your date out in such a way that you will appear to be suave, sophisticated, and nonchalant. What would you do?

Question #3

Imagine you are a male called Fred. During the evening your date asks if she can call you Steve, as that’s the name of an ex-boyfriend she used to like. How would you react?

Question #4

You are the owner of a supermarket and want to make Friday nights Singles’ Night so that unattached people have the opportunity to meet each other. What would you organize?

Question #5

You attend an event where people take their a-boyfriend or a-girlfriend and “sell” their virtues to people who are looking for a new partner. How would you sell your a-partner’s good points?

Question #6

If you were to advertise yourself on a dating site describing yourself as the complete opposite to what you are, what would you say?

Question #7

You want to take your date out in such a way that you will appear to be both intellectual and caring. What would you do?

Question #8

You have been asked to write an article titled “How to Be the World’s Worst at Dating:’ What would you write?

Question #9

It’s your first date with a new partner and you have invited them to your house for a cozy, homely afternoon in front of an open fire. They say they’d prefer it if you both went on a new assault course that’s been opened up to the public. Is there a future for the two of you?

Question #10

You have been dating for some time and are getting on well. Your date invites you to meet their parents. When you go to their house you find they are naturists who like to walk around the house naked. They invite you to do the same. What are your thoughts?

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