4 Easy Steps: Side Dutch Braid

Step #1:

Create a deep side part on the desired side by going as far over as the arch of your brow line. From that parting, create a large C-like section from the hairline down to the side of the nape of your neck, about an inch away from the middle of the back of your neck. Clip back the hair above the C-like section.

Step #2:

Start to make a Dutch braid inside the C-like section going from your hairline back to the nape of the neck, down the center of your section.

Step #3:

As you work toward the back of your neck, incorporate hair into your braid from both sides, keeping the braid central.

Step #4:

When you reach the nape, secure the braid with a hair elastic. Let the ends of the Dutch braid blend in with the rest of your hair. Finish off the look by using a medium-hold hairspray.

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