July: 6 Ways to Build Humility

Humility gives you an unfiltered look into yourself. You develop understanding and empathy for those around you. You willing open your arms and embrace both pain and join.

1. Observe National Workaholics Day

Every year July 5th marks National Workaholics Day, dedicated to people who spend all their time working and ignoring other life pursuits. It raises awareness that working long hours, skipping meals and depriving yourself of sleep is a lethal cocktail for workers nationwide.

ACTION: Make a lifestyle change and explore other aspects to life: play, social activities, hobbies, exercise, sleep, eat delicious healthy food, and attend to relationships.

2. Watch your Self-Talk

Self-talk is not all of you, it’s an aspect of you.

ACTION: When you notice that you’re stuck in an unpleasant emotional state – such as worry, anger, or frustration – try holding that part of you at arm’s length and observe it with an impartial eye. Watch it with curiosity as you would a lead carried downstream over rocks in a brook.

Instead of pushing the feeling away, the key is to acknowledge it with something like, “Hello, doubt, I see you’re active today.”

3. Isolate your Fragments

When you isolate one fragment of your life, like work, you learn it’s hitched to everything else within you. Once you’re ready to live more fully and embrace all of yourself, you start to think of work addiction as a fragment separate from you.

ACTION: Start to think of fragments of you, then you have clarity to ask “who is the rest of me?” Don’t expect an answer, there’s lots of time to explore and find out. You can weave together a beautiful pattern that incorporates all of you.

4. Reboot

It’s helpful to watch the words you use to express to complain. They give you a window into your mind’s eye.

ACTION: Do you need to reboot your mindset so you’re not personalizing stress? When you take away the self-talk’s oppressive nature, you free yourself from feeling trapped.

5. Be a Giant Oak

An acorn contains it a mighty oak. In the same way, you contain tremendous roots of strength.

ACTION: Ask yourself if you’re in touch with those roots – do you feel like an acorn or a giant oak? It’s important to recognize and nurture your strength for it sprout into stamina and withstand challenges that come your way


  • Watch what’s going on inside when you’re triggered with an unpleasant feeling like stress
  • Accept the feeling and inner reactions and you’re choosing to wait before reacting
  • Invite the inner reaction to relax and sooth them with compassion
  • Tell your inner reaction in a mental whisper, “we’ve got this”

Credits: B. Robinson’s book, Turn off Your Job and Turn on Your Life – I wanted to share 6 things that stood out to me.

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