3 Easy Steps: Low Side Ponytail

Step #1:

Start with completely dry hair. Gather your hair to the desired side. Lightly tease it upward so that it creates a lot of bulk and gives your hair a slight messy texture. If your hair is really silky, you can grunge up the texture by adding a hair powder or dry shampoo. This will make the hair appear thicker and create grip to hold it in place.

Step #2:

Lightly gather the hair to just below the ear and secure it in place with a hair elastic. Don’t take out too much of your light teasing.

Step #3:

To add a little flair to your simple pony, wind hair around your ponytail so that you hide the hair elastic. You can do this by taking a 1/2-in (I.3-cm) section of hair from underneath the hair left out of your ponytail, wrapping it around your hair elastic, and securing it into your ponytail with a bobby pin.

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