Facial Fitness: Cheeks and Lips

The following exercises are facial isolations that can be used as a sequence. Or you may pick and choose the ones you think are best for your face. Do these exercise daily! Do them after a face cleaning, when you have applied some light moisturizer and the skin is a little slic. Morning or evening – it’s up to you!

Think of these exercises as the scales a musician practices daily to stay in shape – only with you, your expressive instrument is your face and its muscles. You will notice that as you practice these “scales” more frequently, your facial agility will improve, and your range of expression will improve with your increased “face-ility”. These exercises also facilitate emotional release. Thus, letting go of tension and worry in the face is also an instant rejuvenator.

1. Puff Up Cheek to Cheek

Puff up both cheeks with air, then transfer air from cheek to cheek. Alternate back and forth until you are out of breath. Repeat three or four times.

The muscles used to blow are the buccinators (they are the “apples” that form when you smile, lifting your cheeks up). If you exercise yours, they will stay strong and supple.

2. Blow Kisses

While keeping your brow smooth and unruffled, isolate your facial muscles to blow kisses. Repeat three or four times. Now add resistance by pressing your lips to your first two fingers. Pucker your lips and press lightly into the fingertips. Do three or four repetitions.

3. Mysterious Smile

Smile by lifting the corners of your mouth up and across, but keep your eyes neutral. Keep relaxes and smooth as you smile. Imagine you possess a mysterious secret. Do this three or four times, and ingrain the feeling of this smile into your muscle memory

4. Tongue Tracing

Open your mouth in a perfect “O” shape. Trace your tongue around the entire circumference of your lips, first one direction, and then in the opposite direction. Keep your lower jaw relaxed, and your forehead and brows smooth. Repeat three or four times.

This exercise will help keep your lips plump and your cheeks firm. It tones the neck and throat as well. It will also facilitate jaw release.

5. Smiling Fish Face

Smile while slightly pursuing your lips. Withdraw and pinch your cheeks into the hollows of your face slightly as you do so, observing the enhanced cheekbones this pose creates. Repeat four to five times, or for a total of ten to fifteen seconds.

6. Stick your Tongue Out

Stick out your tongue and say aaaaah, then hold it out while keeping the rest of your face relaxed for sixty seconds. Your eyes may water. (That’s good – it will flush out any toxins you may have accumulated there.)

7. Kiss the Ceiling

Standing, tilt your head slightly back and try to “kiss the ceiling.” Stretch the lips and pucker up. Repeat this four times.

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