10 Conversation Starters – Creative Homes

House #1:

Your house is built on a base that rotates so that it can face any way you would like it to. How would you choose to use this feature?

House #2:

If apartments were designed so that any room could be interchanged with any other, how would you arrange your rooms?

House #3:

You have been offered the opportunity to have an additional room built onto your house, measuring 30′ by 20′ (9 meters by 6 meters). How would you use it?

House #4:

There are switches on the inside of all of your windows that allow you to have whatever view you would like from every window. How would you use this feature?

House #5:

If the place where you live was suddenly worth double the price for a limited time, would you sell it?

House #6:

If you can’t already describe your house as “quirky; what would need to change so that it could be?

House #7:

Your entire house and contents have to be just one color. Which color would you choose and why?

House #8:

Your front door bell is set up in such a way that you can see who is at the door and can also send an electronic message that displays next to the bell, messages such as “Come straight in” or “Come back in an hour.” If you could only have a choice of any six messages, which would you choose?

House #9:

Imagine there is a camera installed in your living room linked to a psychotherapist who could give feedback on what goes on. Would they be alarmed by what they saw?

House #10:

A distant relative decides to come and stay with you for a few weeks. He is an architect and criticizes your color scheme, furniture, and room layout and constantly tells you how to rearrange your house to make it more attractive and efficient. How long would he last?

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