Facial Fitness: 8 Exercises for Jack, Neck & Shoulders

The following exercises are facial isolations that can be used as a sequence. Or you may pick and choose the ones you think are best for your face. Do these exercise daily! Do them after a face cleaning, when you have applied some light moisturizer and the skin is a little slic. Morning or evening – it’s up to you!

Think of these exercises as the scales a musician practices daily to stay in shape – only with you, your expressive instrument is your face and its muscles. You will notice that as you practice these “scales” more frequently, your facial agility will improve, and your range of expression will improve with your increased “face-ility”. These exercises also facilitate emotional release. Thus, letting go of tension and worry in the face is also an instant rejuvenator. Don’t jut out your neck as you perform the exercises. Keep releasing your lower jaw and the back of the throat and palate as well.

1. Let it All Hang Out – Literally

Release your lower jaw from the upper so that your teeth are parted. You can let the tip of the tongue rest behind your lower teeth. Let your head be centered on top of your spine. Let your eyes relax in their sockets, and relax your face. Consider this the neutral posture that you can start your jaw-releasing work from. Place your fingertips on your lower jaw facilitate this release.

2. Chew

Inhale through your nose and begin to make a chewing sound. Use all the muscles of the face. Vibrate the sound mmmm through your nose as your exhale and chew. Repeat 3-4 full breaths. Experiment with different pitches, perhaps high, then low. Then repeat the exercise, but this time incorporate gibberish words.

3.Open Wide and Say Aaaaaah

Vary the sound so that it is mmmmmmm-aaaaah mmmmmm-aaaaaah mmmmmm-aaaaah. As you alternate between humming mmmmm through the nose and opening the mouth to say aaaaah, notice the variations of sound vibrations. When you say aaaaaah, let your lower jaw release, and tuck the tip of tongue behind the lower teeth. This will allow your jaw to release even more, and sound will come out with less inhibition.

4. Heart Chakra Opener

Chat the aaaaah sound while placing your left hand on your crown center at the top of the skull and your right hand at the center of your chest. Make sure your mouth is wide open and that your tongue is low and relaxed in your mouth to get maximum jaw release and best quality of sound. Try this 2-4 times, then close your eyes and experience the warm and radiant quality of an open heart. An open heart will transform the face from a shut-down, pinched mask to an open, radiant, and glowing face.

5. Tilt and Swallow

Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling. You must be relaxed when doing this – it is a bit challenging at first. Swallow while pressing the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Then tilt your head slightly to the left and swallow. Tilt your head slightly to the right and swallow. Do 3-4 times in each direction.

6. Head and Neck Rolls

Keep your head squarely perched on top of your neck, and imagine a silver thread connected to the crown of your head on one end, and to a point at the top of the sky on the other. Imagine the thread lengthening and lifting your entire spine.

Now gently roll your head from shoulder to shoulder, leading with the chin. Make the motions small and precise. Then explore small circular motions – by performing full head rolls – but if this bothers your neck, stay with half-circulator motions instead.

7. Interlace and Release

Interlace your fingers (but not the thumbs). Tuck your thumbs under your lower jaw, in the indentation behind the lower jaw ridge. Place your interlaced fingers (index fingers on top) under your lips, on the chin, like you are lightly grabbing a handle. Let your lower jaw loosen and drop down, becoming slack. Lightly gripping your lower jaw, move your interlaced fingers up and down, saying aaaaah as you go. This is a huge jaw release and may be a gauge of how tense you are. Practice this three to four times in a row, for about two minutes or so.

8. Bye-Bye Double Chin

This exercise stretches the neck, shoulders, and jaw, and will let your head sit more effortlessly on your neck, reducing the appearance of jowls or double chins, and preventing them from forming through the practice of good posture.

In a seated pose, walk the fingertips of your left hand along the floor ten inches or so to the left of your hip. Rest lightly on your left fingertips. Extend your right arm up with your palm rotated in toward your right cheek. Then bend your arm at the right elbow and clasp your left ear with your right palm. Keeping your head aligned on your neck, drop your head toward the right and apply a gentle pressure, to the left ear. If you want to go deeper with this stretch, take your left fingertips (palm-down) to your left upper arm and apply a little pressure. Hold for five to seven counts, perhaps increasing the weight, then repeat on the other side.

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