10 Conversation Starters: Analyze Dreams

Have a go at analyzing these dreams and give your suggestions as to their meaning:

Dream Analysis #1

You are floating above a park It’s sunny, children are playing, and people are having picnics. The scene is lovely and you with you were part of it. You decide to float down and join in, but you start falling very quickly. Just before you hit the ground you wake up.

Dream Analysis #2

You are on a small island where there is a beautiful castle made from crystal. Outside of the castle are aquatic birds, and you are able to choose one that will have a special meaning for you. You choose one that means “hope:’

Dream Analysis #3

You walk down a set of steps. At the bottom is a lake. A holy man wearing a wide brimmed hat brings a small boat and you get in. The man is silent, although you wish he would talk. He takes the boat into a dark cave where the opening looks like a big mouth. You can see a small exit in the distance but you can’t get out and you start to panic.

Dream Analysis #4

You are sitting on a hillside. It is a lovely sunny day. A man from a Native American tribe brings a large white buffalo and asks you to sit on it. He says he will take you to wherever you would like to go. You don’t know which way, so you let the buffalo walk its chosen path.

Dream Analysis #5

Your mother asks you to go get a gift for someone you know. You fly up and choose a rain doud as it will give this person the freedom to release their tears as it releases its rain.

Dream Analysis #6

You dream of someone going to Paris, to the Eiffel Tower. They are scared as it is a long way away, but you know they will be safe.

Dream Analysis #7

There is a group of strangers sitting around a fire, praying. You and two people you know decide to join them. You sit separately from each other. Each of you is invited to go for a walk with one of the strangers so you can ask them a question.

Dream Analysis #8

A man in 1920s clothing comes to talk to you. He tells you his name and that he is a distant relative of yours. He wants to pass a message on to your father but you can’t hear the message.

Dream Analysis #9

You see your ex-partner who morphs into your current partner. You like him or her, you have lots of fun with them, but you know they could morph into someone else at any moment.

Dream Analysis #10

You are watching a circus act and are especially interested in watching the fire-eater. There are lots of jugglers and circus downs, but you are fascinated by the only fire-eater.

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