Facial Exercises for Forehead and Eyes

The following exercises are facial isolations that can be used as a sequence. Or you may pick and choose the ones you think are best for your face. Do these exercise daily! Do them after a face cleaning, when you have applied some light moisturizer and the skin is a little slic. Morning or evening – it’s up to you!

Think of these exercises as the scales a musician practices daily to stay in shape – only with you, your expressive instrument is your face and its muscles. You will notice that as you practice these “scales” more frequently, your facial agility will improve, and your range of expression will improve with your increased “face-ility”. These exercises also facilitate emotional release. Thus, letting go of tension and worry in the face is also an instant rejuvenator.

1.Dance with Your Eyes

Kathak dancers in India perform eye movements with so much elegance and precision. These ee movements exercise the ring muscles of the eyes, healing and preventing sagging skin.

With your head held erect at the top of your spine, move your eyes to look to the left, then center, then right. Do not move your face or neck. Simply dart your eyes from side to center to side, then reverse the direction. Do not hold your gaze for any length of time. Repeat three times. Then close your eyes and “look down” toward your nose.

2.Be Surprised!

Widen your eyes as though you are very surprised, being careful to not wrinkle the brow. Focus on a point at the horizon line (it can be imaginary) for about five to ten seconds. Repeat four times.

3. Buddha Face

You can do this exercise either in a standing position after you have completed the other facial exercises, or in a seated posture. Close your eyes and concentrate on consciously smoothing out all wrinkles. Imagine a point between the brows—a small iridescent disc of light—and with your mind’s eye, watch it expand. If you feel your mind drift off, bring your attention back to the point between the brows, mentally smoothing the facial muscles as you do so. Start with one minute, then work up to two or three. In a seated posture, you may do this for as long as you like.

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