August: 6 Ways to Make Amends with Yourself

The month of August is named after Roman emperor Augustus, describing someone who is honorable, noble or esteemed. In keeping with the theme of being honorable and noble, August encourage you to make list of everything you harmed (including yourself) and become willing to make amends to them all. It’s a time of completion, a time for us to tie up loose ends, heal relationships and envision a clearer future.  

1. Learn to Unwind

Our compulsion to do has overpowered our desire to be, turning into a human doer instead of a human being.

ACTION: Sit quietly in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Starting with your feet and progressing up to your face, deeply relax all of your muscles. Pay close attention to your breathing. Breathe in easily and naturally through your nose. As you breathe out through your mouse, say the word chill silently to yourself.

2. Don’t Throw Sticks & Stones

“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me” – this isn’t true, words cut deeply, and you can do great damage to others – and yourself

ACTION: Do you use your words to condemn or to rise and uplift? As you notice how you treat yourself and others, ask with compassion what you need to do to change what you say

3. Check the Flip Side

The practice of flipping a situation enables you to see more beauty than flaws, more hope than despair, more blessings and disappointment.

ACTION: Realize things happen as they’re supposed to happen, you can accept them at face value and know that some good is being born.

4. Create a Vacuum

When your life is packed to the hilt, too frantic, and fast moving, your control blocks out the magical moments. All you have to do is let life’s magic in is to open up.

ACTION: Think about creating a vacuum in your life. What can you move out of your life that takes up space to make room for your growth? Could it be dinosaur attitudes, stuffed emotions or bad habits? Do you have a welcome space to chill – a place for new and healthier attitudes, emotions, and actions?

5. Chase Happiness Inside

Happiness is an inside job. Whether you are happy or not depends on the ways in which you think about day-to-day occurrences.

ACTION: Make mindful choices and commit yourself to being happy regardless of what life throws at you.

6. Reclaim Spare Time

168 hours in a week – if you subtract your total weekly activity hours, you get the number left over that aren’t allocated to work, sleep or other necessary acts.

ACTION: How can you distribute the remaining hours and best utilize this spare time? Schedule an appointment with yourself – just as you would with someone at work. Carve out blank space in your schedule, you are choosing to make free time a priority.

Credits: B. Robinson’s book, Turn off Your Job and Turn on Your Life – I wanted to share 6 things that I’ve started to include in my life.

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