10 Conversation Starters – Explanations

What could be a possible explanation for these scenarios?

Explanation #1:

The neighbor’s ten-year-old daughter comes to your house and says, “My dad would like to borrow a vase, a bar of soap, and some olive oil?’

Explanation #2:

You go into a local antique shop to buy some candlesticks. The owner says, “I’m sorry but I can’t sell candlesticks to anyone after three o’clock”

Explanation #3:

You go to the shopping mall. People are walking around as normal but everyone is wearing red, blue, or white clothes.

Explanation #4:

You go for a walk around the park. There is no dog show on but everyone is walking the same kind of dog.

Explanation #5:

You order a subscription to a weekly magazine. Although you receive the magazine every week, the dates on them are random—some are from a few weeks ago, some from a few years ago, and some even have future dates on them.

Explanation #6:

Most days you receive a phone call at home from people wanting to reserve a room at “your” hotel. When you ask what number they have called, they all give a different number.

Explanation #7:

Every day an old lady comes and stands near your house. When you ask why, she says she used to live on the street when she was a young girl. The woman comes across as mentally alert, but you live on a new estate and there were no houses in the area until ten years ago.

Explanation #8:

A man walks into a hotel, gives the receptionist two empty milk cartons, and asks, “Are these the ones you are looking for?”

Explanation #9:

A lady puts her best outfit on, climbs to the top of a nearby hill on her own, and sings at the top of her voice.

Explanation #10:

All the evergreen trees in your neighborhood lose their leaves in the fall and regain them in the spring even though there have been no unusual weather patterns.

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