September: 4 Ways to Clean Up your Inner World

From time to time, you may find yourself putting your needs at the bottom of the list in order to take care of others. If you want to help others, the key is to take care of yourself first. When you sacrifice your well-being (nutrition, rest, and exercise), you become overly stressed and burnt out, which limits the amount of energy you can give to your job and loved ones.

1. Weed Your Garden

Do relationships feel more like work after a day of compulsive overworking?

ACTION: Think of your special bonds as an enchanted garden bursting with beautiful flowers, rose bushes, and ripened fruit trees and vegetables. A healthy garden requires regular maintenance throughout the season.

Just as a garden requires periodic care to grow – weeding, water, sunlight, and fertilizer – relationships need attention, support, compassion, heart-to-heart talks, encouragement and forgiveness.

It’s good maintenance to ask if you’ve tended your relationships each day.

2. Complete it Without Urgency

Important things take time. Plants don’t rush. They take their time to grow. The seasons change slowly. The Grand Canyon developed over thousands of years.

ACTION: Remind yourself that important things take time, you’ll allow a natural undisturbed rhythm to determine when work tasks must be finalized.

3. Think Ahead

A little forethought saves you trouble down the road. It helps you set goals and figure out how you can arrive at them.

ACTION: Figure out where you’re going. Mindful preparation with anything in life gives you a more direct path than mindless floundering and more chill time in the long run.

4. Calibrate your Stress Needle

It isn’t stress that kills you, it’s your reaction to it.

ACTION: Figure out where your stress needle is. Ask yourself how stressed you feel on a 10-point scale with 0 being not stressed at all and 10 being so stressed you could explode.

Have your toolbox ready to lower the needle through things like: deep breathing, mediation, exercise or yoga

Credits: B. Robinson’s book, Turn off Your Job and Turn on Your Life – I wanted to share 4 things that resonated with me.

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